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Any cadet going on a field trip or otherwise leaving campus during school hours for a function of the battalion is required to have a waiver on file ALONG WITH A COPY OF THEIR INSURANCE CARD to be allowed to leave campus.

The official JROTC Regulation Unarmed Squad Drill Sheet.

The official JROTC Regulation Unarmed Platoon Drill Sheet.

Our SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) govern everything we do, and therefore, set our standards for promotion. Our standards are set very high, both through in-class and out-of-class work.  If you want to know what is required for promotion, then check out Chapter 9 of our SOPs above.

Community service is a major part of our battalion, even being required for promotion.  In order to keep track of this in an orderly fashion, we have developed a log system.  In order for community service to count toward promotions, I must receive a log form signed by the person or group for which you are volunteering.  Please note: ALL BLANKS MUST BE FILLED IN AND LEGIBLE OR SERVICE HOURS WILL NOT BE LOGGED.

Due to JROTC being a physically active program, a sports physical is required.  Many cadets choose to participate in our numerous extracurricular activities that are physically engaging, but our regular classroom is also.  Currently, every company in our battalion conducts PT (Physical Training) on Fridays, and so every cadet must have a physical form.