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Drill Team

Drill teaches precision, discipline, and leadership to the cadets involved. Our drill team consists of several teams under a number of categories either at the squad or platoon level. Platoons contain a formation of 12 cadets plus the commander, a total of 13. Squads contain usually up to 10 people, but can have as few as 7 people. These different formations compete in the following events at each drill competition. 

Exhibition Drill consists of the cadets doing whatever they like in a given area executing various movements with demilitarized weapons. They may do anything as long as it is in a militaristic manner. This consists of throwing, spinning and exchanging the weapons throughout a 6-9 minute performance. The Male Exhibition team has placed 1st at the region and state level, and competed at the National level. The Female Exhibition team has Placed 1st at the region level, and 2nd at the state level.

Regulation Drill is where the cadets on each team march around in a given area executing a set list of commands. It involves the armed and unarmed categories. The armed formations use demilitarized weapons and execute various movements while marching. The unarmed formations do not use weapons. The Male Regulation teams placed 1st at the regional level, 2nd at the state level, and competed in the NATIONAL level.

The Male Exhibition Captain is C/CPT James Smoyer

The Female Exhibition Captain is C/LTC Jillian Jackson 

The Male  Regulation Captain is C/2LT Alan Porter

The Male Color Guard Captain is C/CPL is Franklin Andujar 

Raider Team

Raiders includes a variety of events in every competition. The key to winning a competition is to be fast, agile, and accurate. There are 3 team categories at every raider competition, Male, Female, and Mixed. Each event is timed with penalties if all of the rules are not met. Every raider competition includes:

Team Run

The team run is a given distance in which 10 cadets will run together as fast as possible. The team with the fastest time wins. There are penalties for not having everyone finish the run, carrying cadets, and pushing cadets during the run.

Cross Country Rescue (CCR)

The CCR is a team run with a given distance usually 1 mile and shorter than the team run. During this event the teams will have to carry 4-6 rucksacks and a 100-130 pound stretcher. The team with the fastest time wins. 

Rope Bridge

Rope Bridge is a timed event where the team constructs a rope across two given points, and the cadets must pull themselves across. The team with the fastest time wins. There are penalties for dropping items, crossing dead zones, and not constructing the bridge properly. 

Physical Team Test

The physical fitness test includes carrying given objects (usually full sandbags or water jugs) and carrying them a short distance in rapid repetitions. Each team member  must carryall of  the objects to and from the point as fast as they can. The fastest team wins. The only penalty is if any of the items are dropped.

Obstacle Course

A timed event in which the raider team will attempt to complete a course of obstacles as accurately and quickly as possible.

Our battalion's raider team has won many prestigious awards in the past. All of the teams won many awards such as:

The Male and Female Teams are region champions for 2012

The Female Team is state champions for 2012

Both the Male and the Female Teams are state champions for 2018

The Male and Female Teams both placed in the Top 5 Teams overall in the NATION

Color Guard

Our Color Guard Presents the colors (state and American Flags) at various events such as sporting events, charity events, and parades. Their job is to present the flags when the national anthem is playing so that we may honor our nation. They also compete along side the drill team at competitions. They march in a given area to a set list of commands at a certain pace. Precision is the key to become the winner of these competitions. Each color guard consists of two people holding rifles and two people holding flags.

These units have won awards at the regional and STATE level, and has even competed at the NATIONAL level.

If you would like the color guard to represent the American Flag at any events, please click HERE

The Color Guard Captain is C/CPL Franklin Andujar

These units have won awards at the regional and STATE level, and have even competed at the NATIONAL level.